Love Wins Again: August 26th with Lisa Mac and Lee Mallory

I’m happy to announce we are hosting Love Wins Again, a special music and live poetry performance featuring Lisa Mac and award-winning Lee Mallory, “the Love Poet”.  On August 26th, poolside at the Artisan in Las Vegas, NV.  The proceeds will be going to Opportunity Village, Las Vegas’s favorite charity.  I had a chance to tour the OV campus while organizing this event, and was moved by the scope of what they are doing. They are providing paid training and paid jobs to many people that otherwise may be considered unemployable. They are changing the lives of these people, and helping them to improve themselves and support themselves. They are literally strengthening the fabric of our community and helping people on an individual level.

So about the music – we have an incredible lineup prepared for this show: Kat Kalling, Mizz Absurd, Pet Tigers, Camden West, Natty Lioness, Dead Money, Black Rhino, and Lisa Mac with Wings and spoken word by Lee Mallory. Don’t miss it!

We are still accepting sponsors. Please contact me directly ( if you would like to donate products or services as prizes. This includes band merchandise. Thank you!


Upcoming Benefit Show

Last year I was asked to be a part of a benefit show, and it started a lot of conversations. The first question people ask is, what is this benefiting? Then it was Congo Justice. But since I have a lot of socially conscious and educated people who ask me these questions, I also learned a lot about non profits in the area and which ones help the most people.

This year we’re putting together a benefit for an incredible non profit group that does just that. They help people regain independence for themselves and become empowered by finding good jobs, and getting access to training and education.  I’ve been blessed with many helping hands in my life, in many different forms, but there have been times with no money, no prospects, and no handouts. There have been times when I knew I could climb up out of that hole if only I could get just a little help. I’m so passionate about this cause, and I’m so happy that I can possibly help to make a difference for someone in their life.

I’m looking forward to announcing more details as we get closer to that date, but for now mark your calendars as ‘unavailable’ August 26th, and possibly the next day if you think you’ll need to recuperate. It’s for a good cause. I’ll see you there!

Your Heart Beating, Is It Beating for Something

I just read this clickbait article about a trending twitter topic, where one woman said she agrees with compliments when she receives them, and it makes men mad. This, in her opinion, was funny. Maybe don’t piss people off on purpose and laugh about it, and that might prove your point better. But I digress.

The point they were trying to make, that women should be confident, is wonderful. But honestly these responses aren’t polite or gracious, as you might be if a woman complimented you. Maybe you should respond the same to either. Maybe that’s the difference.  They say that men told her its rude to respond “Thanks” to a compliment. Maybe its the way it’s said. Maybe a sincere “Thank you” would do the trick. How would you respond if your Aunt told you you looked nice in that dress? Would a curt “Thanks” lacking eye contact do?

You don’t have to be rude and self centered to be confident.

I understand some men are jerks. But this seemed like what I see a lot of right now – articles designed to elicit an emotional reaction. Glorifying a person who is instigating a real fight for entertainment. Usually negative. Don’t let this media shit get to you. Create your own media. Smile at things. Don’t let social media affect your emotions.


Be kind.

Say I love you.

Rock on.

Las Vegas Radio Debut of Come Hard

I was so grateful to hear my song on the radio last night and sing along! My single Come Hard debuted on X Effect 107.5. This track was recorded at Naked City Audio in Las Vegas and features scratches by DJ Edoc.

Las Vegas has been showing some major love to live local music. And it’s not only the radio stations pushing for local music. Open mics have been popping up everywhere, and I’ve been seeing more opportunities for artists and more interest from business owners in hosting live music.

Last night I got to check out one of those open mics at Big Dog’s Brewing, hosted by Jessica Manalo.  I played Come Hard, and was blessed to be joined by Jessica Manalo on the cajon. Check it out right here, and make sure you follow me on youtube!

Watch Come Hard by Lisa Mac (ft Jessica Manalo) Live at Big Dog’s Brewing Las Vegas

Summer 17

From what I can see, it’s going to be a busy summer. We just finished up the Road to Life Is Beautiful Battle of the Bands. We didn’t win, but we did get some amazing contacts, free passes to LIB 2017 to see Muse 😀 and have tons of really cool shows coming up. The whole next month is booked up to the brink, so wish me luck.

I got to hit up Piratefest in Las Vegas with the band, playing two sets for all the festival goers. It was definitely an entertaining experience, and the audience was incredibly receptive. The same goes for our Sunday at Hard Rock Live on the strip – and you can see me playing there with the band again soon, on the balcony (I really love balconies, and I have to say this is one of my favorites I have ever seen, overlooking the strip). I am so excited for the next shows we have lined up there, and soon to be announced dates in LA and San Diego.

It seems like work has been non stop with booking new gigs for this next month, planning a track list for the Lover LP, practicing and playing for these shows, teaching music lessons on the weekdays, and bombarding social media for all kinds of reasons. I’ve got all my CDs and merchandise on sale at my shows, and I’ve had all my music free to download (still is today) at my official website Also, and as always, it is free to stream the entire Picnic album on Spotify.

I’m so excited to be in the beginning stages of an album again. I’ve been going through all my lyrics and recorded bits of songs and getting my ideal track list together for the Lover LP. It’s time to get down to business tonight and play through some of these and see if they are ready to become songs, or if they are to fall back into the box of lyrics with all the other ideas that never jumped from the page.

It’s very exciting to be looking at new prospects for the band, possibly new instrumentation, definitely some new songs, and new recordings for a new album. I can’t wait ❤ to get back in the studio ❤ and get started with this thing. The possibilities are even bigger this time around. Now that I have more experience going through the process, I’m dreaming bigger and it doesn’t seem so daunting. Creating the artwork, theme for the album, and even the recordings themselves – its all going to be easier this time and stress me out way less because I know a little bit more now than I did then.

Speaking of artwork – we’ve got new stickers with the Lisa Mac with wings logo, so definitely grab some the next time you catch my show 🙂 or order a CD or t shirt from my website and I’ll throw a few stickers in there for you

T shirts in new designs coming soon!

Thank you all for listening to my music ❤ please follow me on Spotify and youTube and watch for new music and videos coming soon!

Lisa Mac Announces Lover LP to be Released 2017 – Follow Up to Picnic EP (2016)

The Lover LP – New Music by Lisa Mac to be Released 2017

It’s almost been two years since I started pursuing music full time. It was July 2015, Battle of the Bands at the Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas NV. I didn’t realize until I got there that my set was live on the radio. And I got to watch from the stage during my set as all my supporters got kicked out of the venue because it was suddenly not an all ages venue.  I didn’t win but I didn’t really care. I realized that I could play a 30 minute set and it wasn’t as scary as I thought. Set times have gotten bigger since then for sure. I’ve learned how to sell my music and my services and make it all work. I email my EPK out at the drop of a hat, shamelessly.

This time last year I had just begun recording an EP. I didn’t have any idea what I was doing, where I should go or who I should ask for help of the hundreds of people I’d connected with at free performances, music showcases, and open mics. I didn’t know what I wanted the songs to sound like until I just started throwing things around and putting it down to record. It feels like a whole different world of possibilities now starting a whole new album. My expectations on this one are much bigger – and much more attainable with everything I’ve learned so far.  I’m excited at the prospect of a bigger project, hopefully that will have more artistic direction from myself now that I’m more confident with the whole recording process.  The songs I’ve written for the Lover LP so far have really connected with audiences. I’m sure as time goes on I’ll be able to communicate more effectively as a songwriter and be completely honest. I think that’s what people really connect with. See I had that song Damaged Goods. It’s a great song. But it’s not the phrase I want people thinking of when they think of Lisa Mac. Sure you can think of blues and sad songs and all that. But I don’t really 100% want to be the Damaged Goods girl.  So thinking that, I wrote the Lover song. And in that moment writing it, I was thinking about that. Being honest. So that’s why it’s not 100% positive. But. I’m working on it.

Lisa Mac at the Hard Rock Cafe

Do you like pin up girls? Who doesn’t. I’m so excited to be playing at the Hard Rock Cafe on Las Vegas Blvd during the last weekend of Viva Las Vegas – a huge festival where there will be plenty to look at. Make sure you mark your calendars, April 16th, 9 PM to Midnight. I’ll see you there!