Festivals and Tour 2018

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This month I have so many festivals and benefit shows, my calendar literally cannot be more full. And even still I keep accepting new show offers because they all seem to be for a very good cause! This Thursday there’s a benefit show in Richfield, Utah to benefit Hurricaine Harvey victims, gathering goods and money to ship down to help with relief efforts. This Saturday I’ve got a solo set at the Newborn Peace Festival, with donations to benefit the Human Rights Campaign. Next Saturday is the Pride Festival in St George Utah, where I’ll be performing with my band, followed by sets at Fall Fest in Pahrump, NV, Las Vaudeville 6th Anniversary at the Bunkhouse in Las Vegas, NV, and finally the Zion Canyon Music Festival on September 30th.

It’s quite a lot lined up in one month. Next month, and for a few months after, I’ll be taking a little break to get my album ready to record. I’ve also planned a tour for 2018 covering Colorado and I can’t wait to get out there!

Make sure you follow me on Youtube to see performances and live videos as we get ready to release Lover and tour!


One More Week Until Love Wins Again!


We are getting ready for the final push promoting this week for Love Wins Again – a live music and poetry event to benefit Opportunity Village.The show runs from 6 pm to midnight, August 26th at the Velveteen Rabbit, Las Vegas.  The evening features several incredible live music acts leading up to award-winning poet Lee Mallory in a theatrical presentation of new original songs by Lisa Mac, backed by drummer Daniel “Wings” Williams. The night closes out with Black Rhino, a high energy, up-and-coming alternative rock group based in Las Vegas.

There is no cover charge for this event – we will be accepting donations and selling tickets for a raffle filled with incredible prizes including show tickets from V Theater at Planet Hollywood, scenic tours with Big Bus Tours, Fukuburger, Customistic custom printing, and more!


Thanks Las Vegas Review Journal

This week I was asked to do an interview for a feature in the Las Vegas Review Journal, before my performance at the exquisite Sand Dollar Lounge in Chinatown.  We had a chance to sit down earlier this week (both Lee Mallory and I) to discuss what the Love Wins Again event is all about and what it means to us both.

lisa and lee sand dollar bts.png

Last year I had the opportunity to sing the blues at a fundraiser for Congo Justice organized by Jessica Manalo. I had a lot of people asking about the charity as I was promoting the event, so I started to research and discuss with activists in the community to learn more about what charities are doing the most for Las Vegas. Opportunity Village was definitely top of the list. So I got started getting board approval from Opportunity Village, finding a venue, finding musical acts, making sure we had sound set up and sponsors for prizes.

I partnered with Lee Mallory for this event because I knew from our Valentine’s Day show at the Double Down Saloon with Lee Mallory, Philena Carter, and Mizz Absurd that any performance with Lee Mallory would stop people in their tracks, and make them listen. And I knew that he would get the word out to make sure our efforts for Opportunity Village are successful.


This show is packed with talent from around Las Vegas, including Black Rhino, Dead Money, Natty Lioness, Camden West, Mizz Absurd, Pet Tigers, and Hassan – you don’t want to miss it. My set with Lee Mallory will be a little more theatrical and direct than any performance you’ve seen with me before.

So mark your calendar – and RSVP to the event on Facebook to let your friends know you are going!

Getting Ready for Love Wins Again at the Artisan

Being a musician and self employed, some days are no work, all play. Some days are just for sending out emails until my back is hunched and sore. And some days are like yesterday: Meeting with a PR specialist, gathering donations for a benefit event, interview with a large publication in Las Vegas about my upcoming show, jam at Adrenaline with a bunch of metalheads who *rocked* my songs up so good, and finalized my track list for the upcoming album. This is all topped off at 3 am when I’m finished, by playing through the song order for the album all the way through to see how it ‘feels’.

And now today, getting ready for a big show and a photo shoot for the story about our benefit event, that will eventually appear on big glossy pages all around Las Vegas.


In the last few months things have really picked up as more people hear about my music and ask to book the band, and more people are interested in helping with our Opportunity Village benefit event. I’m pushing in every direction I can to get attention and press for this event, and it’s been going great.

But with that comes a bit of exhaustion. Today I slept on and off until 3 pm to make up for staying up and working last night, and since I’ll be performing until 2 am tonight.  If you know me, you know that is just out of the blue, because I’m awake by 7 am every morning no matter how much or how little I’ve slept. I love this job more than I could ever say. When I explain my schedule to people it sounds crazy but there is nothing else I could be doing with my time to be this at peace with myself and my place in the world. I feel blessed to be where I am right now. And I can only imagine what life will be like this time next year ❤

Love Wins Again: August 26th with Lisa Mac and Lee Mallory

I’m happy to announce we are hosting Love Wins Again, a special music and live poetry performance featuring Lisa Mac and award-winning Lee Mallory, “the Love Poet”.  On August 26th, poolside at the Artisan in Las Vegas, NV.  The proceeds will be going to Opportunity Village, Las Vegas’s favorite charity.  I had a chance to tour the OV campus while organizing this event, and was moved by the scope of what they are doing. They are providing paid training and paid jobs to many people that otherwise may be considered unemployable. They are changing the lives of these people, and helping them to improve themselves and support themselves. They are literally strengthening the fabric of our community and helping people on an individual level.

So about the music – we have an incredible lineup prepared for this show: Kat Kalling, Mizz Absurd, Pet Tigers, Camden West, Natty Lioness, Dead Money, Black Rhino, and Lisa Mac with Wings and spoken word by Lee Mallory. Don’t miss it!

We are still accepting sponsors. Please contact me directly (lisamaclv@gmail.com) if you would like to donate products or services as prizes. This includes band merchandise. Thank you!


Upcoming Benefit Show

Last year I was asked to be a part of a benefit show, and it started a lot of conversations. The first question people ask is, what is this benefiting? Then it was Congo Justice. But since I have a lot of socially conscious and educated people who ask me these questions, I also learned a lot about non profits in the area and which ones help the most people.

This year we’re putting together a benefit for an incredible non profit group that does just that. They help people regain independence for themselves and become empowered by finding good jobs, and getting access to training and education.  I’ve been blessed with many helping hands in my life, in many different forms, but there have been times with no money, no prospects, and no handouts. There have been times when I knew I could climb up out of that hole if only I could get just a little help. I’m so passionate about this cause, and I’m so happy that I can possibly help to make a difference for someone in their life.

I’m looking forward to announcing more details as we get closer to that date, but for now mark your calendars as ‘unavailable’ August 26th, and possibly the next day if you think you’ll need to recuperate. It’s for a good cause. I’ll see you there!

Your Heart Beating, Is It Beating for Something

I just read this clickbait article about a trending twitter topic, where one woman said she agrees with compliments when she receives them, and it makes men mad. This, in her opinion, was funny. Maybe don’t piss people off on purpose and laugh about it, and that might prove your point better. But I digress.

The point they were trying to make, that women should be confident, is wonderful. But honestly these responses aren’t polite or gracious, as you might be if a woman complimented you. Maybe you should respond the same to either. Maybe that’s the difference.  They say that men told her its rude to respond “Thanks” to a compliment. Maybe its the way it’s said. Maybe a sincere “Thank you” would do the trick. How would you respond if your Aunt told you you looked nice in that dress? Would a curt “Thanks” lacking eye contact do?

You don’t have to be rude and self centered to be confident.

I understand some men are jerks. But this seemed like what I see a lot of right now – articles designed to elicit an emotional reaction. Glorifying a person who is instigating a real fight for entertainment. Usually negative. Don’t let this media shit get to you. Create your own media. Smile at things. Don’t let social media affect your emotions.


Be kind.

Say I love you.

Rock on.